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We are a not for profit organization dedicated to provide services to children with special needs. 


For over the years Bridge to Care have been care providers to the families looking for care. Knowing the much need of the rural community in Alberta we designed a Day Care program for children with special needs. "Bright-Path" is a subsidiary operation of Bridge to Care.

Whether you need to fill vacancies or simply better manage the demand you already have, Bright-Path delivers a cost effective solution that really works.



Daycare personnel will adhere to CAC standards. At times the daycare will be closed for staff training and professional development. There will be NO fee deductions for these closures as it is enhancing the quality of care each child will receive.


STAFF : Our child-care staff are trained and certified as Early Childhood Educators and in many cases, as Infant and Toddler Specialists. They maintain valid First Aid and whenever possible Food Safe Certificates. Many of the staff have worked in the child care field for many years. Staffs continuously upgrade their education through workshops, conferences, independent study, and researching topics of interest.

STUDENTS: From time to time, the daycare will accept students seeking work experience and Early Childhood Education practicum students. We will introduce them to you and your child as they arrive at the daycare. They will have cleared criminal record checks prior to attending.

VOLUNTEERS : An interview is carried out by the Supervisor. This includes a criminal record search of all possible volunteers. To ensure that security is maintained, the number of volunteers and students will be limited.

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