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Employment Support Program

Want to get stuck into work? That’s where School Leaver Employment Supports can help you learn the skills to find a job!

What is Employment Support Program?

Are you about to finish school or have you just left school? Do you want to find a job?

That’s where Employment Supports can help. It can support you to find, and land, a job.

Bright-Path supports people with a disability – it’s not a set program, but could get funding for some specific period of time.


Employment Supports at Bright-Path

At Bright-Path this program designed just for you. It’s all about supporting you so that you can achieve your goal of finding, and keeping, a job.

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What skills will I learn?

There’s a huge range of skills you can learn to get you ‘job ready’. These include:

  • Searching and applying for a job

  • Writing resumes and cover letters

  • Communicating at work

  • Understanding what your employer needs from you

  • Starting a new job 

  • Working in a team

  • Budgeting and money

  • Dressing for work

  • Health and safety

  • Catching public transport

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What is Employment Support Program?

Yes, Bright-Path gives you the chance to have some work experience in open employment.

When you are looking for a job, it can be hard to decide which one would suit you.

By doing work experience you will get a sneak peek at different jobs to see what you like and what suits you.

We always work with trusted companies and can also provide drop-in or full-time support throughout.

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