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Social and Community Participation

Live your best life and dare to try a new hobby, play sport, take a class, hang out with friends, and much more!

What are Social and Community Participation services?

Bright-Path Social and Community services are about supporting people with a disability to take part in their community.

This is just another way of saying it’s about getting out and about, meeting people, and trying new things!

That might be signing up for an art class, going on a holiday, learning to play an instrument, or many other activities.

Social and Community Participation at My Casa

At Bright-Path, there are so many ways for you to meet people, try new things and have fun!

What activities will I get to do?

It’s completely up to you. What would you like to try?

You might decide to join a club, play sport, or go to the gym. Maybe you want to try a new hobby such as dancing, surfing, drama, photography, or music classes.

Or, does hanging out with some friends at BBQs or movie nights sound more like your thing?

The choice is yours!

If you like, we can also help you to volunteer for a worthy cause such as Meals on Wheels or any!

Does Bright-Path offer group programs?

Yes, we do. You might know these as centre based programs or day services where you can come and join us for the day.

Sometimes you could head out for activities such as swimming or horse-riding, or you might choose to do an art or music class instead.

You decide!

Can Bright-Path help me go on holidays?

Yes, we sure can. If you want to get away for a few days and explore, we can help you plan a holiday!

And, if you need support while you’re away, we can connect you with organisations that specialise in this service.

Keep in mind: Bright-Path does not cover costs of any airfares, tickets, accommodation, and activities for both yourself and any support staff.

Does Bright-Path offer any camps?

Yes, we arrange amazing camp for people with a disability.

You’ll be able to play games, go bushwalking, sing songs around the campfire, and get back to nature!

You can also explore the local area and maybe even visit a wildlife sanctuary, or go strawberry picking!

And of course, with trained and experienced disability support staff, you can relax knowing your support needs will be met.

Bright-Path Support Categories

  • Core – Assistance with Social & Community Participation

  • Capacity Building – Increased Social & Community Participation

Chat to our team about how you might use funding from other support categories.

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